Monday, 8 November 2010

catch a bolt of lightening

This is such an excellent article, written by the author Neil Gaiman about his fiance Amanda Palmer and her band The Dresden Dolls.

I'm somewhat obsessed with Amanda Palmer. I find her inspiring and exciting. I also - and it feels really silly to be saying this, considering how amazing I think she is - recognise a little bit of myself in her. Just a teeny bit.

I'd say that I want to be her, but I don't. I want to be me, but as fearless and bold and experimental as I feel I could be, which happens to be like Amanda.

The relationship between her and Neil Gaiman is beautiful to behold. But I don't carry one iota of envy about it. I'm quite happy with how I'm loved, and lucky to be supported with the degree of understanding that I am.

Anyway, gushing over. Read the article.