Monday, 14 July 2014

My Failure Project

I am interested in failure: mostly in my attitude towards failure and how this attitude affects my behaviour. So I am planning to make a one-woman show about failure. I am right at the very beginning of this project, and in addition to figuring out my thoughts on the subject, I would like to hear what other people think. 

If you are interested in helping, please fill out this survey on your own relationship with failure. I'm fortunate to have some time coming up when I will be able to think about this project almost exclusively, so if you are able to respond within the next 3 weeks, that will be particularly helpful (but replies after 3 weeks will not be too late). It's entirely anonymous. Even if I have emailed you this page directly, I won't know which response is yours. I hope this means you can be honest and open in your answers.

It's early days, so I don't yet know what shape this show will take. But there will likely be storytelling, and movement and, I hope, lots of laughter.

See you when we get there!

thanks, Catriona