Sunday, 10 January 2010

January is for chipping away at the soul.

At least in the world of the self-employed performer.

I'm back in London for a few weeks, doing holiday cover at my old (non-performance related) job. It's an easy job and good money, even more so for an ice-blasted January in Britain when there's precious little of any other work around. But still...I'm suffering separation blues from my town and my clown. I'll suck it up and be an adult. It's only a few weeks.

Yesterday I took a day trip to Birmingham, to hear a sound installation by my friend Annie, the result of two weeks she spent making recordings deep in the Amazon at Lago de Mamori. It was lovely to catch up with her and her family, who have been a surrogate family for me here in the UK in the past. I met the newest 6 week-old addition to the clan, and sat with her in my arms surrounded by the sounds of the jungle. It was a good day. I'm lucky to know someone who hears the world in such a different way from me, and has the creative tools to share this perspective. These things repair the chips to the soul that January brings...

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