Thursday, 17 February 2011

a late late post for the new year.

The new year arrived, January came and went, February arrived, Chinese new year came and went... and here I am. I've not written in a while, although I've had every intention of being prolific this year. Good start.

But it has been a good start. I'm excited about this year. I don't really make new year's resolutions, but I had thought that this year I'd quite like to play in my first public roller derby bout. And that promises to happen already - we've got a bout scheduled for June, so barring injury or unavoidable paying work that's one not-resolution come true.

Also I have moved, out of the shared house I was in, to a flat on my own. A lovely, peaceful space, in which I can be as creative (or lazy) as I want. I'm working on two different theatre projects, both here in Cardiff, which pleases me no end. Work! In Cardiff!

And some of the ships I sent sailing last year are coming back to harbour. The film I helped make in Poland has been edited once already, and is looking good. Check this out:

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