Friday, 14 August 2015

Failure Project Day Ten: Tonight We Fly

Today, the last day of my research and development, was about revisiting and reviewing work. I had a few people coming to join us in the afternoon, and I wanted to make sure I could give them a good overview of what we've been doing for the past two weeks. So, we did that, and I got useful feedback and had a good discussion about the work, and then Lara and I went out for a drink to celebrate.

Now what? I want to sit down and look over the footage from the last two weeks, maybe transcribe a couple of verbal improvisations. Lara and I will let a little time pass, and then do a post-match interview for analysis. I will do some writing - a script, I suppose, but not one with any particular order. I need to get the various stories knocking about my head into words instead.

And then the task of finding the money and finding the support to get more studio time for development, and somewhere to show the piece. And then...?

Thanks for following the beginning of this journey. I'll keep blogging about the process here, no doubt, so if you are interested then check back here.

This process would have been sad, lonely and probably quite static without Lara Ward; it would have been less comfortable without rehearsal space provided by the Wales Millennium Centre; and it would not have been possible in this form at all without the support of the Arts Council of Wales.

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