Monday, 4 January 2016

64 Million Artists Day 4 - message to my 8 year old self

"Make a list of 10-20 things that you would like to tell your 8 year old self AND/OR that your 8 year old self would tell you. What have you learned that you'd like to pass back, OR what did you know then that you'd like to remember? Think about it throughout the day and notice how it affects you."


1. You're good at playing. You think up some pretty great, elaborate games - alone, and with your sisters and brother. That's a special skill. I want you to know that, because people are going to tell you that other things are more important. But always remember how good you are at playing.

2. Practise piano. Keep practising piano. If you quit piano lessons - as you may well do - you are going to regret it FOREVER. Don't argue about this. Just go practise.

3. Enjoy your sisters and brother. I know they drive you crazy sometimes, but these next few years are the last few that your whole family will be together under one roof. It's not bad now - it's just different. Enjoy what you have.

4. You're going to stay in touch with one of the friends you've just made, for almost the next thirty years (and likely longer). I wonder if you can guess which one?

5. I know you've just had to move countries and schools again, and you didn't really like your last school. But you're really going to love this new one, and the friends you make here. So even if it feels strange and new, it will soon get better.

6. I'm glad you keep a diary. Keep writing. Don't worry about anyone reading it except you. Write for yourself.

7. Don't be scared of that bicycle Dad bought you. Cycling is great. The sooner you learn how to ride a bike, the sooner you'll figure this out.

8. You know that special dance you do on the beach - your Happy Dance? Keep doing it - it'll still be important to you when you're older. Everyone needs a Happy Dance.

9. You are really going to change your mind about avocados. Trust me on this.


This challenge actually made me a little sad. Perhaps it's because I've been thinking about my depression a lot recently, in conjunction with the solo show I'm making, while also struggling through the depression that christmas always lands on me. I don't remember being depressed when I was 8 years old. What would I say to 8-year-old me, that wasn't "enjoy this - life gets complicated and harder"? As you can see, I did try to keep it positive. Couldn't quite make it to ten points though.

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