Friday, 1 January 2016

One in #64millionartists

A couple of days ago I signed up to the 64 Million Artists January Challenge - it's a scheme aimed at getting people more creative on a daily basis. I thought it would be a good way for me to combat January's darkness, so I'm getting a daily exercise emailed to me.

I didn't exactly spring off the starting line, I have to say. In fact, I squinted at the first emailed exercise on my phone in bed this morning, then grunted and rolled over and back into my hungover snoozing for a few more hours. But now I'm up and I've had coffee and tidied away the ruins of last night's dinner party...

So, the January Challenge Day 1 exercise was: 

"To celebrate the start of 2016 we'd like you to draw or make a picture of how you'd like your year to look. What are the highlights? Where will you go? What are you looking forward to? Use whatever materials you like."

Here's my picture:

This is part of a pair of socks hand-knitted by my mum, that I instinctively put on this morning (as I said, hungover). I don't know the specifics of what my year will hold. No one ever does, I guess. But I want this year to be colourful; I want it to be textured, with variety and surprises; I want it to be filled with warmth - actual temperature warmth would be nice (I always hope to travel), but also the warmth of love and friendships and family and the satisfaction from good creative work.

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