Thursday, 5 January 2017

January Challenge Day Five - The Golden Conversation

Today's Challenge - Go to the fifth text in your inbox (if you don't use text, use an email, or a sentence of your choice from a book.) Write down the first sentence of the message on the right hand side of a page vertically, using a line for each word. Now use the page to write a poem with each line ending in one of the words.

I'm not feeling Great,
the world feels so loud; I'm
looking for a quiet stillness and glad
to escape the daily panto
of work that is
wearing where it should be fun
looking to fill days with meaningful silence, or even this
moment alone, stretch it to fill a year.

(this challenge made me think of subtext, hidden meanings, masks... the pleasantries I say to friends that often hide what I'm really feeling)

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