Thursday, 12 January 2017

January Challenge Day Twelve - Scrap Band

Today's challenge: Create your own instrument out of items in your home, school or work. See what you can bash or shake to make a noise with. Make up some rhythms or work with some others to form a band.

Here's a found percussion instrument from my pantry. I'm pleased with the sound it makes. Sorry about the last few seconds of video though, it's a bit motion-sickness inducing.

Serendipity with the challenge today: I've actually got band practice this afternoon. That's the first time I've called it band practice! It is me and a guitar-playing friend. My friend wants to play more, I want to sing more. We find songs we love and cover them. No matter what mood we're in when we start, we feel pretty good by the end. Making music is really good for you. If we work up the nerve we may busk or do some open mic nights.

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