Sunday, 15 January 2017

January Challenge Day Fourteen - Love, Me

Another late post, this one from yesterday...

Today's challenge: Make a self-portrait with a difference. Create a collage which shows up to 5 of your best qualities. Things you like about yourself. This could be physical attributes or just things you're good at or stuff you're proud of yourself for. You can make the collage by drawing, with photos or using scraps from magazines or newspapers. Don't think too hard about it, and try not to be shy. We are all brilliant. Tell us why.

I think I found the idea of this one so hard that I tried to ignore it... But here it is, a photo collage of five excellent things about me:
- I am an excellent cook; this is a pumpkin pie I made yesterday & it is half gone already.
- I have good hands. I like my hands.
- I've managed to keep this house plant alive since 2008.
- I've remembered to buy Chinese new year cards early enough that my family will get them in time.
- I've made a solo theatre show.

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