Sunday, 29 January 2017

January Challenge Day Twenty-nine: Finding Light in Loss

Today's challenge:
1. Dance to this song, “Moloko, Forevermore” - and turn up the volume.

2. Give yourself 5 minutes to write about, or to someone you have difficulty speaking to, or no longer speak to, but wish you could. Try to write continuously for these 5 minutes - you could set yourself a timer so you know when to stop.

3. Take your camera or smart phone and outside and find a spot to stand. Turn one slow steady full circle on the spot and film what you see. Don’t rush it, take your time. Imagine that you have never seen what you are filming before.

"the letter I'm not going to send you"

"That's the honest truth"

This challenge made a little bit sad. On reflection, it's a sadness not of wishing that past events had gone differently, but from realising that I would have to be a different person entirely for that to have been the case. I think my loss wasn't really a loss - it was a choice, a giving up. 

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